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Our Story

Our Story


The mission of EarCandy Records is to produce, distribute and make commercially available; high quality and socially responsible Hip-Hop and R&B music to the entertainment community and its fans. The owners/management of EarCandy Records, are music lovers that have over eleven years of management and business ownership experience combined. 

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Our Story

Our Story

As independent record labels adapt themselves, the nature of what differentiates a true "indie label of the future" like EarCandy Records from self-released, self-distributed artist ventures, has widen allowed EarCandy Records to offer something that majors and money cannot buy. We believe the key lies in offering a uniquely different experience based on a value system and lifestyle that the industry as a whole is too far removed from to see growing at the grass roots level.  

Our Team

Our Story

Our Team

 Our team, combined has over twenty years experience in producing, performing and selling music. EarCandy Records has formed a talented, energetic, results-driven management team, which currently maintains strong affiliations in the music industry through music industry relationships that provides EarCandy Records the opportunity to generate revenue from the world's largest music markets. 

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Santini's Bio


Santini The Great

Just when you thought St. Louis was done, here comes another unexpected unorthodox MC. SANTINI The Great born and

raised in St. Louis, is nurtured by the same streets that brought you platinum recording artists Nelly & the St. Lunatics, and

Chingy. SANTINI is truly in a class of his own. St. Louis has been infamous for the sounds of its artists and SANTINI is no

exception to that rule. His soulful flow and unique sound and delivery capture the essence of the streets while keeping the

content easy to digest and harnessing all cultures, crossing age and racial barriers with ease.


The name SANTINI is his original name, which is one element that is missing in the game right now, originality. A writer

since the age of nine, now a seasoned vet, "The Great" (as he’s known to be called; his flamboyant alter ego) is no

newcomer to the industry. He has participated in the following CD releases; most recently "Don't Judge Me" (2018),

"Thinking Out Loud" ( 2018) "Just Because 2019", " Feelin' Myself (2019) and various break out singles.

Pandora has recently added the catalog of Santini The Great amounting streams of 136,000 streams in less than 5 months

with 10 thousand listeners! ( see attached). Currently, Santini The Great has his newest project entitled "Wish Me luck".

This Album boast hits like "Heart for Sale", "Dream", and" Right Back" as standout jewels of the package. Touring is the

main focus on the artist as he sets up to bring his music directly to the fans!

The "Wish Me Luck" tour is the opus and missing piece to the present hip-hop lack of creativity as well as its “everyone is

saying the same thing” ghost. It’s refreshing to know music is still birthing real artists, real musicians, real song makers

that really do speak to us all. He says what we sometimes can’t and won't say; without letting us know we’ve just purchased

a product that just happens to be a one-man outlook on life, which is SANTINI-THE GREAT!

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